About Us

TCS Brand

Who is The Cloth Side?

The Cloth Side is a small handmade clothing shop specializing in breastfeeding clothing for mothers. Children's items are also welcome in the shop, especially Mommy and Me!

How did TCS start?

The Cloth Side started out as a cloth diaper shop, hence the name. Over the years, my passion for clothing grew greater than my passion for diapers. I have been breastfeeding and/or pregnant for years, and struggled to find nursing tops that I liked, so I have set out to change that for all nursing mothers.

About TCS

Who is behind it all?

The seamstress behind it all is me, Jenna Hobbs. I always dreamed of designing clothing for women since I was a young girl. It wasn't until after completing my Bachelor's degree in business that I had discovered my passion for sewing. I have been sewing and creating ever since! 

I have four small children who keep me busy when I'm not sewing. They are also the reason for my love for breastfeeding. Finding cute breastfeeding clothing is not easy, so I decided to end that by using my passion for sewing and marrying it with my passion for breastfeeding in order bring mothers unique breastfeeding tops that they can wear comfortably without sacrificing their own fashion sense. 


How does ordering work?

There are two ways to get your hands on TCS goodies! Stocking Sales and Custom Orders

  • The first way is by purchasing in-stock items from the shop here on the website. I have stockings every month or two of different styles. The best way to know what sales are coming is to follow TCS on Facebook, be a member of the VIP FB Group, or to follow us on Instagram. I post sneak peeks as I cut and sew the sale items via those three social media sources, so find us via your preferred method so you can get the scoop! 
  • The second way is to place a custom order. The custom order listings will be open for one week every month. There will be a limit of 5-10 orders per month. The listings will be turned off at the end of the week, or whenever the maximum number of orders have been made.

How do I know when I can order?

Check the website announcements and calendars HERE, or check the social media pages. I will try to keep a consistent schedule, but life happens. My family comes first, so sometimes there may be delays. I will aim for customs to be open the same week as the stocking sale or the week following, so that anyone who missed out on the sale can place a custom order. 

Thank you for shopping handmade and supporting me!

- Jenna 

A seamstress with a big dream


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